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This app will show you the charts for the yield expectations for today and tomorrow for a plant.

A professional account is required to use this app.

If you have not yet defined your own data for charts, the demo location will be used.

As soon as your own data are defined, the charts are automatically displayed as the initial page.

Your charts here.

Please keep in mind, this is a MVP, comments are very welcome.

Production estimate today

Production estimate tomorrow


GeoCode your location

Plane settings

You can define up to 3 planes as described here.

  • :dec? (declination) 0° (horizontal) .. 90° (vertical)
  • :az? (azimuth) -180° (north) .. -90° (east) .. 0° (south ) .. 90° (west) .. 180° (north)
  • :kwp? Installed power in kWp

(Settings will be stored local in your browser.)